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Wednesday, 07 December 2011


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Thanks Janet, it's been a thoroughly entertaining and informative experience, following your induction and inculcation into a very new and different country. As always, being the warm, friendly and open-hearted person you are, you seem to have found a lovely community of like-minded people and that must certainly be heart-warming and reassuring for you!
You're an inspiration for us all, as we sit here in our comfortable, Australian, suburban homes with all our familiar things and people around us, learning of your endeavours to overcome the obstacles of learning a new culture and its' customs. Looking forward to the development of the Kuwait Ukelele Orchestra and quite possibly seeing them here in Womad or something similar!
Please keep us updated on your ventures - fascinating stuff! xxxx Vicki

Janet Swain

Thanks VIcki! Glad you were with me through it all. xxxx


Wow! What a ride! Amazing posts Janet:) Did not catch all but glad didn't miss much either:) looking forward to you trip to Singapore....and yes, 'Art of Living in Kuwait' sound great to my ears!:)

penelope richardson

Hey Janet, I have been reading your post on and off and I am glad to log-in today on your 90th day to find you a survivor. Well done!!! Sounds like an incredible adventure.

xxx penelope

Kate Swadling

Well done! Made it and time for a return to easy going Australia for a little while. You are wonderful at making new friends (just like your son!) and BRAVE! xxx

Tracey Lees

I'm so glad that the blog will continue! I've read every posting and loved it all. Thanks so much for sharing. I think the first 90 days will make a nice Chapter 1 in a possible novel entitled Ukeleles under the Desert Sun (working title). Something to think about!



Yay Made it! Well done. And PS i have actually been reading all your blogs so no more angry phone calls LAH! And we all love you and miss u :-) Can't wait to have you home for Christmas !!!! xox

Andrew Swain

Likewise, we have enjoyed the journey. Such a long way from Byron in so many ways! Can't Kuwait to see what happens in the next 90.

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