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Saturday, 22 October 2011


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Hi Janet- love the idea of the shaded in bouider-esque balcony! We've been away to Broke - the west end of the Hunter Valley at a friend's vineyard, where, i am sure you can guess,i am writing a series of poems about there place.

On the Balmoral poem front,I've surprised myself how many I've got but I ;ve pasted in two below, the fairy penguin is such a local hero! lots of love

cj x

Sun Protection Factors

A Greek woman rolls in sand
a beached lamington

In the water, a chubby dad, wears a fluro floatie Zogg
ring on his head, as an eye shade

Lady, sixties, sits chiffon top under a pink umbrella

A woman wears white sunnies and a blue Diesel peak cap

Four-year old in long sleeved rashie

Me in slice of fig tree shade

(the Sand Lamington woman rolls over )

a bloke, pale blue singlet and boardies, weights his blue umbrella
down, corded to the ground with plastic bags of sand

(I retreat entirely into leaf templated sand)

a man hugs to cover up, with his body, a water chilled pale infant

Gold sandals and three coffees make the beach slow going
for paisley print caftaned beauty.

A fellow in shorts adjusts himself between his towel
and the tide line, he has worked on his terse torso
As does the sand, the sea, the corso.

Hunting Fish

At the baths’ rail, for thirty seconds,
a fairy penguin lends me her hunting body.
The way she dizzies mullet
into a tight and tighter spiral,
her fast fillip to the surface,
means I snatch a breath,
I swim faster, spiral tighter,
play the net,
hear the water scissor past,
move by thinking,
weaving under, over
half-spin correction, propelled by finning,
winging mullet towards the shade
that baulks, so our swift, corralling
swoop completes, in the biting satisfaction
-taste of warm blood, teeth into a mullet’s belly.

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