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Friday, 14 October 2011


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Hello Janet,

Yes, Dowton Abbey is just the escapist shot - a while back before I'd seen it I made up a comic - Freeze Frame Manga # 1 _ from a Harvey Norman catalogue , as it had an excellent Cossie Drama shot of our Miss SMith - which I blogged at my Show Me the Treasure blog - I am working on the next episode from a sixties knitting pattern book .

Completley apropo of nothing: Does anybody exercise outdoors in Kuwait? What is the national sport? CJ xx


HI Janet
I am so computer illiterate that I am having trouble following your bolgs. However, read one by your dad and totally agree....what a wise man! Don't don the Burka but just relax into the environment you find yourself in. In about six months you will have such a different view of the world......and you will be able to report on all the amazing things that Kuwait has to offer. For now, take little steps and before you know it you will will have made it....calm, familiatirity and a sense of home.

On a different note, we will host Christmas at our place this year. Don't know what your plans are, but you and Mike and all the family are welcome at our place for Christmas dinner. Let me know so I know what size turkety to purchase111 Love Mags

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