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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


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That's a remarkable mural, Janet - a whole story of Kuwaiti life. What a contrast to the inside of the cemetery.
Mama and I discussed the burqua issue. I took the view that you should not copy the local women - it's so much more than just a piece of clothing. It's their age-old culture, and also maybe reflects the pressures on women to cover up from lascivious eyes - pressures on themselves, and also from their own possessive and perhaps often cruel males. And perhaps it's a fun thing that female insiders share. I suggest you wear a simple but lovely shawl round your shoulders and over your head just to cover your hair when you go out in the street. It says, "I'm a beautiful woman and we women have a lot in common even though I'm from a different culture. I'm with you and for you, and I hope you'll be with me and for me too, sisters."
That's off the top of my head, Janet.
Love....... yr dad

Janet Swain

I am finding it hard to comment onthe blog with my tiny little phone keypad - sigh - I had to read your previous posts to catch up on your news. I can really imagine the sense of anxiety you are describing - it sounds very intense. Do you know this is a classic symptom of culture shock? Trini had this badly one time she was in India. Keep an eye on it - the last thing you need is a panic attack or similar. It all sound overwhelming. Even at a distance I can't get my head around the whole burqa issue ....sometimes I think they are beautiful...and at other times I just want to scream when I see women so controlled. (sorry if I offend anyone by using this word).
That cemetery ....crikey! ...that is amazing. So big and silent and powerful....
So many things to take on - no wonder the club feels like an oasis of sanity and the familiar.
I love reading your blog - big hugs !
Row xxx


So pleased to hear you have found some new friends, whether it knows it or not Kuwait has gained much for having you there!

The burqa question has as many threads as the garment itself, elegant prison, annoymous sanctuary, protector of privacy or object of oppression? I would find it hard, I'm look you and want to see people, especially women's eyes, they contain so much emotional information. I recorded a poem about by Jillian Kellie, 'Wearing Hijab in Muscat' in English and Arabic,for The Philosophy of Clothes collection - I will post it to you.

The graveyard photos were amazing - eery to have such a space in the middle of the city, no ground cover at all - how is it that all the sand does not just blow away, like life, one might say?

love Carol

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